BITMAIN B3 miner cracked and ported for NVIDIA. GPUs strike back!

BITMAIN B3 ASIC miner has just been cracked and ported for NVIDIA GPU cards and apparently the 3 GTX1050 cards beat 1 BITMAIN B3 ASIC in performance.

The crack/port of the miner was done by the team. It appears that the miner used inside of the ASIC can do 300 H/s on a single GTX 1050 card.
So, 3 x GTX 1050 that currently cost ~500$ will produce 900 H/s and use only 210 W. Compared to the BITMAIN B3 ASIC 760 H/s for 360 W for ~3500$ (retail price at the moment of writing).

The miner is currently only usable under Linux and the setup can be done easily via the MinerOS
A complete guide on how to setup the miner and MinerOS can be found on the UU Pool site.

We have also provided an alternative download location in case the miner gets removed. BTM Miner NVIDIA

This development shines light on an interesting angle of ASICs. When people think of ASICs and their power, most assume that their mining advantage comes from the specifically designed ASIC chips they use. Apparently the miner software they use for the B3 has played a more important role compared to the chips. it certainly is interesting if such a crack/port of their miners is possible for the EQUIHASH and ETHASH ASICS. That would be one way GPU mining remains profitable.

One can say that the GPUs just stroked back at BITMAIN and their conquest to make an ASIC for every coin that exists. We will have to wait and see if BITMAIN will “fork” their ASICs and make them “GPU resistant” 🙂