Coin Review: Alpenschilling – mine your next vacation in the Alps!

ALPS is a new project that strives to have a practical use in real life.


Ticker: ALPS
Algorithm: Lyra2Z
Block Time: 1.9 min
Reward 130 ( 91 POW + 39 MN )
Master Node Collateral: 60000
Halving: 825.000 blocks
Default Port / RPC Port:  9666 / 9667
Difficult: DGW3


Master Node profitability is at a steady 20$ a day, while as of the moment of this review mining for profit is not optimal compared to the other Lyra2Z coins out there. But the future implementations and use of the coin can bring a lot more value then it currently has.


The Alps team wants their creation to be widely used as a payment method for leisure activities in the Alps. Booking hotels, paying for your parking, the skiing tax and in the local drinking and food establishments. They are developing a hardware platform that will make ell this possible. It consists of NFC tokens which will hold the needed information for the onsite transactions to happen.

It is a neat idea if you think about it. Mining few months, and go on a holiday that is payed by your mining. Without exchanges, transfer of money, banks and so on.
The big question is, will the Alps team accomplish their goal? Create a reliable hardware system, have a reliable and fast network, secure their NFC tokens on the same level as the current NFC payment methods and most importantly make some real place in the Alps take payments in the form of Alps. So far the team has been posting pictures of their lab test platform, listed the coin on 3 exchanges, provided wallets for windows, linux and web. It seems they are really active and pushing to meed their deadlines.

Only time will tell if Alps will become the next big thing, but when you look around to other projects, this is one that actually has a meaningful purpose from which every one can benefit.
If you are looking for a quick mine/dump action, this is not the coin for you. If you want to mine a coin that will eventually find real use in the world – you can take the risk and mine Alps.



– Has huge potential if the team can implement their plans.
– Profitable Master Nodes
– ASIC Resistant
– Small/Home miners can get on the action
– Already on 3 exchanges

– We are still to see if the Alps team can deliver a working product for the real world use.