Coin Review: Bitcore (BTX)

The latest coin added to the profit calculator as of 08.December.2017 was Bitcore. If you haven’t heard about it, here is the main aspects of it.

Bitcore (BTX) uses a Proof-of-Work ASIC – resistant mining algorithm called “TimeTravel10” which is easily mineable by graphic cards.
Currently the best supported cards are Nvidia cards which are more profitable than Ethereum or Zcash mining.

Bitcore also has a unique difficulty algorithm called Bitcore 64_15. This algorithm ensures that there is no more than a 15 percent change in difficulty within a 64 block period. This innovative difficulty adjustment method prevents the block difficulty to jump when higher hashrate suddenly comes to the network or leaves the network.

For more information please see our comparison chart:

On 2nd of November 2017 a new snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain at block #492820 was created by the devs of Bitcore.
If you held BTC at that date and have access to your private key you can claim 0.5 BTX for every 1 BTC(1:2 swap)

To get your free BTX, you simply have to import your private key you used for your Bitcoin in the Bitcore Core Wallet.

More detailed information can be found here:

If you interested in mining please visit: