Coin Review: FOLM

FOLM was the first PHI1612 coin added to Crypto-CoinZ calculators and as such


Ticker: FLM
Algorithm: PHI1612
Block Time: 2 min
Reward 45 ( 30 POW + 15 MN )
Block Confirms for Mined Blocks: 49 ( 98 Minutes )
Block Confirms for Sending/Receiving: 10 ( 20 minutes )
Block Max Size: 4 MB
Max coins: 23.001.916 (POW) (Included premine)
Premine: 1.136.956 (%5 of POW)
Halving: Unique FOLM Supply Method for Every Year (*)
Default Port / RPC Port:  53656 / 53654
Minimum Transaction Fee 0,0001 FLM


Pre-mine distribution:


Best profitability coming from FOLM is running one of their Master nodes which currently have yearly ROI of around  640.98 %. A Master node will set you back 1847.64$ which does not seem that high compared to others. The money back moment comes 59 days later. The real advantage of the FOLM Master node is that it managed to keep its price and stay stable compared to so many Dash clones that went almost under on  their profitability. And who can argue with 30$ a day “while you sleep” like the slogan on the FOLM website says? Honestly speaking I don’t want to sleep for all 24 hours, but I was assured that the Master nodes work even if you are awake.


Mining FOLM can be done with both NVIDIA and AMD cards using the respective tpruvot/ccminer for NVIDIA and 216k155/sgminer-phi1612-Implemented for AMD.
FOLM showed stable hash rates and seems still have not popped on the big farms radar. Making it really suitable for small miners to mine while they still can.



– Profitable for long term mining with stable hashrates
– Profitable Master Nodes
– ASIC Resistant
– Small/Home miners can get on the action
– Profitable for NVIDIA and AMD miners
– Has potential to grow

– Only 2 Exchanges