Coin Review: Crowd Coin

As some of you may have already noticed Crowd Coin was the latest addition to the calculators.
Is it just another NeoScrypt copycat or may be something new with future?
We are here to find out and share it with you.


Ticker: CRC
Algorithm: Neoscrypt
Block Time: 2 min
Reward 20 CRC 50% masternode reward
Block Confirms for Mined Blocks: 100
Block Confirms for Sending/Receiving: 10
Block Max Size: 10 MB ( 4x faster than then sane bitcoin and 10x more capable )
Max coins: 10551985 in 2038
Premine: 400 000
Halving Every year of 50%
Uses Masternodes to secure its network confirmation speed.

So far looks like a regular NeoScrypt. Let’s check the profitability.


Well, its profitable to mine! At the time of writing this review 4 1080Ti cards will get you over $60 a day mining CrowdCoin. The coin can be exchainged on the CoinsMarkets exchange and even as this is a new exchange it has already accommodated a few of the most profitable new Alt Coins, CrownCoin included.

Running a Masternode will set you back 1000 CRC which is ~ $4500. This might seem a lot to the new crypto users, but actually the CRC is as profitable as you can get with it’s Masternodes. Checking the Master Node Calculator shows us that the ROI of those $4500 is only 34 days as there are only¬† 220 Masternodes operational. The potential is there, especially with the stable price the coin currently has.


Crowdcoin is ASIC resistant, so small and home miners can get part of this action while it lasts. NVIDIA miners will get much better profits as the current best miner for all NeoScrypts is the KlausT CCMiner 8.15. AMD miners can use the cgminer, but hashrates are going to be really disappointing. There were rumors of a private miner from w0lf that is able to achieve the speed of the GTX1070 on a RX480, but it never surfaced to the public, so myth is unconfirmed.



– Profitable for mining
– Profitable Master Nodes
– ASIC Resistant
– Small/Home miners can get on the action
– Best profits for NVIDIA miners

– Only 2 Exchanges
– Will probably not change the world
– Not suitable for AMD miners