ICO Review: Arker, online RPG video game

Arker, the online RPG video game that rewards its players with their own cryptocurrency

Arker is a Spanish project about to go to the ICO market. The members claim to be pioneers in the business model in which they are located. The team consists of five developers from Castellón (Spain), who develop their activity in the Espaitec technology park, at the Jaume I University. They also have the help of experienced consultants in the development of video games and with personalities related to other projects. based on the blockchain; who at the time got funding to meet their goal through their ICO.

The aim of Arker is to create an online RPG style video game, in which the player will be rewarded with his own cryptocurrency (Arker Coin).
However, there have already been cases of games that undermine your cryptocurrency while the player is playing, and in return, they offer you a small amount of the obtained.

“We do not like this financing model. What we want to offer is our currency in exchange for the time invested by the player, who will be rewarded for the victories he gets in the fighting, as well as for fulfilling different milestones proposed day by day. “- Juanjo Chust, CEO of Arker.

The cryptocurrency Arker Coin can be used both within the video game or outside it, as a coin, which suggests a sustainable growth based on the demand for the video game.

The title can be downloaded for iOS, Android, PC and Web.

Arker’s ICO will start on November 10 and will add a bonus of 15% for the first 3 days, then continue with 12% for the next 4 days and finish with the 10% bonus until November 23. Then it will continue until December 30. The initial and only issue of Arker Coin is ten million tokens that will be distributed as follows:

Operation of the project: 5,000,000 (50% of the total)
ICO: 3,500,000 (35% of the total)
Development team: 1,000,000 (10% of the total)
Rewards Program: 500,000 (5% of the total)

Game mechanics


Set in its own universe, the player must take part in a long confrontation between different clans, which are confronted by the dominion of the lands of Ohm. He must train his hero until he reaches his maximum potential, as well as equip him with the best items, and fight for control of the land, where for some time strange treasure-filled arches have appeared. The most important thing for the hero will be the skills that will allow him to fight against the players of other clans; for this you must get the most powerful according to your class and your level. When the player starts his adventure he will be joined by a hero of a class of his choice. This newcomer hero must fight against other heroes in order to gain gold and experience.



With the gold, you can buy new items and skills in the nearest store, but as you get stronger and rise in level, new more powerful heroes will come to your meeting to dispute the control over the lands of Ohm. However, if he really wants to reach his maximum potential, the hero must make use of a strange and valuable coin that he will receive every time he rises with victory in a fight.

In exchange for this coin, select itinerant merchants will offer you rare and coveted items and skills that will help you on the road to victory. The clan that has won the most battles every week will take control of Ohm’s lands, which will allow all the heroes of that clan to get the coffers that appear while maintaining control of the area.

Spanish Webpage: https://arker.io/es
English Webpage: https://arker.io/
Telegram Spanish: https://t.me/ComunidadArker
Telegram English: https://t.me/ArkerCommunity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkerCommunity
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