ICO Review: PayTailor

Paytailor takes cryptocurrencies to everyone. Everywhere.

Cryptocurrencies will play an increasingly important role in the payment sector within following years. Crypto payments allow greater accessibility and are significantly scalable than any other payment method. Smart payment company Paytailor found a way to bring cryptocurrencies to everyday use for everyone. Doing so without any hussle or complexity.

Paytailor is a startup, who’s been operating over 2 years. With that time the company has established a truly unique solution. Paytailor enables smart payments through a powerful, flexible payment platform. Every payment moves from customer’s existing bank account to merchant’s existing bank account through secure cloud system. To simplify – Paytailor skipped the card payment infrastructure. Moreover, Paytailor can add multiple ways of payments, allowing people to choose how they pay.

To allow people to use cryptocurrencies on daily bases, Paytailor will add cryptocurrency as one of the payment option in the existing system. For that, the company recently launched an ICO.


Where is the gap in the market?

Let’s take two common issues related with user experience. The card payment infrastructure has been available for a long time. Nevertheless, in many countries we still face difficulties when we wish to pay with card. Mostly cause the terminal and its fees for card processing are quite high for merchants. Needless to say, paying in cash, can therefore turn out to be the only available option in a world where we talk about cashless society.

Another issue worth addressing, is how much we use our smart devices on daily basis. Nowadays there is very little we can’t do via our smartphones. We order taxi, talk to people, socialise, work and take photos and videos, pay our bills and shop online. At the same time, several existing crypto payment solutions still offer physical cards, which leads us back to the very initial cause of the problem – card payment infrastructure. Paytailor found a way to skip the card infrastructure, enabling people to use smart devices for payments no matter where they go or where they aspire to pay.

Paytailor enabling cryptocurrency payments allows everyone to choose cryptocurrency as a payment method, doing so without the need for physical card or the terminal, as all payments are being done safely over the cloud.


More than solving problems

Paytailor has been operating for more than two years now, allowing to learn a lot about the actual needs and bottlenecks of the market during that time. One of the key findings of Paytailor, having the very hands-on approach, is that the real value lies in accessibility, data and simplicity. Today, Paytailor has not only solved those key issues but has taken it even further. Paytailor enables accessibility beyond imagination, offering valuable data that enables to build better customer relations. Moreover, we allow merchants to create a real value for their customers in a way that is mutually beneficial but also pleasant. We all know those bothering, never-ending offers, don’t we. But most importantly, Paytailor’s solution is charmingly simple, seemingly connecting businesses and people.

If you are interested in this ICO, you can find the PayTailor team their site: PayTailor ICO