Info Leak: GoByte are about to produce their own SHA256 ASIC

NeoScrypt is still ASIC resistant – don’t worry!


Our Crypto sources have just informed the news team that the GoByte Developers are about to sign a contract for production of their own SHA256 ASIC miner.

Part of the GoByte team have made traveling arrangements for visiting China in January, where they are about to visit a new smaller ASIC manufacturer. The target of the visit is to test the final products and sign the contract for production. Initial production will be of about 20 ASIC devices per month and our research of the Chinese manufacturer shows that even as they are new, such production should be possible with good quality for every batch.

The most probable name of the miner is GoMiner and will resemble the GoByte currency name. The sales of the GoMiner are planned to start in Q2 of 2018 and if you want one, you will have to get some GoByte GBX first.
Yes, that’s right – the king of the Crypto World (Bitcoin) will not be accepted. GoMiner is planned to be sold only for GoByte currency.

The GoByte team has ordered a product that is at least on par with the current Antminer S9, or even better (more chips inside), and final customer price should be ~1600$.

Lastly, the current Master Nodes owners will be given a discount (from 5% up to 10%) on GoMiner purchases as a gesture of gratitude for supporting the GoByte project.

So, if you were considering getting in to the Master Node game, GoByte sure looks like one of the good choices, especially with the current ROI of only 24 days according to And with the price of Bitcoin going sky high every minute, those GoMiner ASICs will probably be in high demand.

The team will continue to follow this leak and report on any further developments as they come.