INNOSILICON A9 ZMaster – another Equihash monster.

Innosilicon just released a statement on their new A9 ZMaster ASIC miner for Equihash.

Specifications are:

Hashrate: 50KSol/s
Power: 620W
Weight: ~6KG

This monster of an ASIC will get you ~0,5 ZCash a day with the current prices and network hashrate, that is ~120$.
Innosilicon has first batch of 300 units ready to be shipped.  That’s 15Msol/s ready to be pumped in to the Equihash Eco-system. As Zcash will not mitigate any ASICs on their network, it would probably be the primary coin to take the hit. But that is only 1 ASIC company and only 1 batch of miners. Next batch will be available for August and so on.

The price of the monster is $9999 for now. Once Equihash coins are flooded with ASICs, the price of one such machine will probably go down.