Latest TENT Mobile APP having compatibility issues with Android 11

Latest TENT Mobile APP having compatibility issues with Android 11

TENT Mobile APP issues with Android 11
TENET Mobile APP having issues with Android 11.

If you have been using the TENT Mobile Wallet for Android, you might be in for a surprise with the latest upgrade from the TENT team.

Users of Android 11 phones – OnePlus 7T and Samsung Galaxy S20 are reporting that the latest upgrade 0.1.9 is rendering their wallets inaccessible. After a brief TENT logo the Wallet moves to a blank white screen and never loads the users balance. Reproducing the issue within the CCZ team shows that the new upgrade actually wipes any cached data on Android 11 phones, thus making the Wallet not been able to load.

Users that have already upgraded to version 0.1.9 can still mine TENT on pools like, but will need to perform a Seed Wallet recovery on an older Android device to be able to access their wallets again, or wait for the TENT Team to release an update that fixes the bug.

As always CCZ recommends all crypto miners to use the respective CORE wallet of each currency been mined and not depend on Mobile solutions that are not been tested on all flavors of Android, even they been released years ago.

EDIT: A link to the old version 0.1.8 of the TENT APP was found by a affected TENT Android 11 user at APKFUN.COM. Installing the old version on Android 11 seems to restore the wallet functionality.