NEWS: ONLAX Project declares closure.

ONLAX Project has just declared that their team of developers has dissolved and the project is effectively closed.

Here is the official statement from the Onlax main account in their Discord.

OnlaxToday at 2:56 PM

@everyone Sad, but true. Team was dissolved and this project is closed from now. Stop mining ASAP and go find another (1000000000% profitable) coin. Our sales was failed, and I have no options now. All (actually only two) MN buyers got their BTC back. You can contact me by for a one week from this moment if you have something to say. No need to send me a hateful messages or some other kind of negative statements. But if you have a question about some experience that I’ve got in this project you are wellcome. I will not track this post anymore (it’s time to take a rest for me). After one week I will deactivate mail account and that’s all folks.
The official ONLAX website has been closed as well as one of their block explorer. If you are mining ONLAX we strongly suggest to choose a different coin. The ONLAX discord already has miners wanting to sell the coins they have to unsuspected users. Unfortunately the coin did not reach any exchange, and the probability is that miners will be stuck with their ONLAX indefinitely.