Russian High-Tech military radar systems plant invests in their own mining farm.

While the last few months have been a rocky road for most crypto currencies, with constant stream of scare news, attacks on exchanges, dump and pump moves from CEOs and various Directors of major bank institutions around the world, it seems that the crypto currency mining has picked up in Russia.

A company called “КОВЫЛКИНСКИЙ ЭЛЕКТРОМЕХАНИЧЕСКИЙ ЗАВОД” which main business is to produce military class high-tech radar systems, communication equipment and mobile power generators has decided to expand it’s operations in to crypto currency mining. A check in the Russian public record shows a PROCUREMENT # 31806242272 from 03/15/2018 for 87 mining rigs. Card of choice is the SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 580 NITRO+8GB and they have ordered 522 of them.

The specifications of the rigs are classical based on the ASRock H81 Pro BTC R2.0 with a bit more powerful processor then needed, but may be CPU mining is also planned while the GPUs are utilized in double mining Eth and something else.

This can make you wonder about the future of the crypto currencies and what is been the recent feed of news. News that are trying to scare people out of crypto, news that are warning of bubbles, news from major banks in the west that today praise Bitcoin and hate it tomorrow, just to get a bit more financial gain out of it. While another company in Russia invests in  their own mining operation. We will leave you to make your own conclusions.