The Dark side of Crypto: KOMODO (KMD) attacks SAFE COIN (SAFE)

Have you been having the feeling that Crypto currencies are still in their Wild West era? And I’m not talking about the Will Smith “Wild Wild West” (1999) kind of fun Wild West, but the savage and brutal Thandie Newton “Westworld” (2016) Wild West. We live in times when been greeted with a DDoS attack from your competitors 10 hours after launching your service, seems like something normal and naturally expected to happen.

Like you have already guessed from the tittle we are talking about SAFE COIN (SAFE), the first successful clone of Komodo (KMD), and the way they were attacked last week.
Many of you already know who KMD is, but for those coming in late, we can sum up KMD as an Idea Power House. There were one of the first clones of ZCash (ZEC) and have developed many new and exiting features beyond what ZEC was and still is offering to the crypto-sphere. KMD ran a successful ICO and raised around 2 million $USD, offered a decentralized exchange which added a ton of new coins and market them self as a “End-to-end Blockchain Solutions Provider”. Visiting their website, you will be hit by a big “FREEDOM…” slogan, but like history teaches us freedom is not for everyone and every thing.
Been that big idea power house, KMD has a major flaw, and I am talking from personal experience using their software. They have grown too fast too soon, introducing new ideas and not developing them enough so they can reach a stable end user experience. First it was the swing wallet sync issues, then the new Agama wallet was not showing the token right and had to be re-synced every time you stared it. I still remember the live YouTube broadcast from the Komodo team announcing the decentralized ICO platform, and the disappointment that no one mentioned any stability improvements on the existing software. Again they were starting something new and the old software had a ton of issues affecting their end users.

On the other side is SAFE, the first fork of KMD. A new start up that have decided that they can do things better for the end user then KMD. They don’t have 80K followers in Twitter, nor are listed on all major exchanges. But the model and the people behind the SAFE project apparently pushed the KMD buttons to such an extend that they reacted by openly crashing their the SAFE network and leaving a still small community of around 400 miners and supporters wondering what have hit them so hard.

Apparently KMD exploited a bug in their own software that was left not patched on their GitHub. They ran a Notary Node and tried to mine around 1 million SAFE coins for around an hour (Actual coins were over 180K). The attack took the SAFE network hash rate from around 300KSol/s to the whooping 90MSol/s.

KOMODO attack against SAFE Network

The attack can still be seen on the SAFE dedicated statistics page.

Now is the time to get angry and scream at the screen that KOMODO will never do this, that they are one of the good guys, that this is all FUD, but before you dismiss facts, lets see a part of the organization of the attack from the KOMODO own Slack channel.

NOTE! We have removed the name of the person that provided us with the conversation to protect him from KMD retribution. 

“TARGET ACQUIRED” – we think this one needs no comment.
Lead KOMODO developer James Lee and ambassador PONDSEA find an attack vector.
KOMODO James Lee and ambassador PONDSEA already launched the attack.

The attack took 3 days to be fully mitigated, SAFE coin had to hardfork from a moment before the attacked started and as it all seems to have been fixed, this incident raises a lot of questions.

How can a company that is trying to be one of the good guys and promote all crypto step on a new project like that?
Did the next guy on their hit list (Request Network), which you can see on the last screenshot got attacked too? Did they just send him few bad nodes to mess with his network or just DDoS-ed his website?
Why the KOMODO team saw SAFE as such an eminent threat that they attacked?
Was this the first time or they have done things like that before?
When will they do it again?
Is there going to be a new KOMODO DEX Service called DEXAttack? DEXAttack – Attack your competitors from a Decentralized network anywhere on the planet! – We will let KOMODO use the slogan for free.

I will not get in to the legal aspect of what they did.
The actions performed by the KOMODO Company were and are unethical, showed a total lack of a moral compass from the guys performing them.
KOMODO should not forget they are a fork of ZCash them self.

So, if you were planning on forking some part of their code – beware! Attacks might be imminent.

I’ll finish with a quote from Sid Fleischman that is applicable for so much in the crypto-sphere now
“I don’t see any reason to let law interfere with justice around here. We never did before.”
If we don’t change how things are done around here, crypto will never have a meaningful place in the real world.

This is NOT a paid article. It is based on facts that were already confirmed from KOMODO James Lee in bitcointalk forum. Writing about what happened is the right thing to do. team is fully aware that the KOMODO community will retaliate in some form, but facts need to be told, if we want crypto to progress. 


Featured image original from: Triple-Q